Ebb & Flow EP

DJ Payroll

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Dj Payrolls Ebb & Flow EP opens with the track “Hold Me”. A love song that intentionally veers away from the conventional trappings of such a track, allowing Dj Payroll to make the chords and melody drive the emotion of the track. Clever use of the horn sections give the track that unexpected spiritual uplift to reinforce the passionate vibe he is laying down.

The second track “Consciences” delivers a dam fine, funky driving baseline - of a caliber that would bring the most cautious of raver to the dance floor. The melodics give the track a delicate undertone, counterbalanced by the funky bass. Permeating through the groove of the track Dj Payroll laces it with lo-fi elements giving the track more depth and dynamics.

Closing out the EP, we have Akna (which means mother earth in the Mayan language). This is a track paying homage to the indigenous Mayan culture of Central America where DJ Payrolls originates from and is the culture that he was raised in. The wood flute, congas and baseline help pull out that tribal ritualistic sound. The vocals showcase the producers prowess and really make the track shine.

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